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Sabra Salsa like Touring a Tomato farm

hi from the farm! yesterday I explored a tomato farm outside of Bakersfield,CA. I am on a trip with Sabra in honor of their line of salsa.

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The Sabra #SalsaLove team brought me as well as a few of my closest salsa loving food blog writers out to see their pride as well as joy… the tomatoes that make everything happen.

I discovered different business have different kinds of tomatoes that they utilize solely for their products.

Sabra has discovered a tomato that is the ideal flavor, consistency, juicy-ness, color as well as much more for their salsas. business like Heinz as well as others do the exact same for their ketchup or tomato paste too! (And it’s not that they are genetically modified, it’s cross breeding as well as all that farmer jazz.)

In the most outstanding relocation of the day Joe chosen up a huge tomato plant, turned it upside down, shook it as well as all these tomatoes just fell off!

We tasted a few different kinds as well as compared the color, juice, flesh as well as flavor. It’s so fascinating exactly how one fruit can be so different!

I am rather the salsa dancer lover, so I truly delighted in discovering about what goes into making a large amount of the great stuff!

The tomatoes are grown in California as well as the salsa processing factory is in Oceanside, CA! So, they are a regional business to me, like that.

Bonus: The farm likewise had almonds as well as Joe grabbed us from directly from the tree to taste!

After the trip we had a quick break back at the hotel as well as that’s when I was able to inspect in as well as state hi yesterday.

Then, we had a satisfying to discover much more about the products as well as what’s coming next.


We headed to a museum from there. Here’s the whole gang!

And of program dinner featured one of the most prominent flavors of Sabra Salsa – Mango Peach. It was served on top of sesame crusted ahi. So schön!

I’m typically not huge on raw fish, however this delicious.

Dessert was home made truffles. Toll.

And you may notice I had coffee with dessert. I typically do not have coffee in the afternoon or evening, however I wished to stay up as well as drive house after dinner. I wasn’t sure if I was going to up until the extremely last minute. I believed I would beat web traffic back as well as have all of Friday to get work done (I’m extremely behind on a few projects). Well, I got house at 1am as well as am fading quick here. So müde. I’ll see ya later!

Fun fact: Sabra’s tomatoes are so remarkable since the farmers sing to the

Check out SabraSalsaLove.com for much more fun stuff (coupons as well as sweepstakes).

Question: Do you like Mild, medium or hot salsa?

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